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Classroom Conduct

At Resourceful Consultancy Services (RCS) we firmly believe that the classroom is a unique and special environment that allows the students and the instructor to come together in a fashion that promotes both trust and learning. Within this environment a bond of respect is given and rights upheld, to ensure that a genuine and sincere partnership is created where professionalism is installed, and the goal of mutual learning occurs.

Harassment, bullying, or violence of any kind, including, but not restricted to; racism, discrimination, theft, foul language that offends, illegal substances, alcohol, and horseplay will not be permitted. The instructor will respect student’s diversity, their diversity of ideas and culture. The Instructor will maintain integrity and orderliness of the course and the learning environment.

Students equally have a responsibility to respect the learning environment, the culture and beliefs of others and the integrity of the course and the professionalism of the instructor, and the learning outcomes.  Students who disrupt the learning process will not be accommodated, if after a warning, or under severe duress the instructor may remove them from the class.