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Financial Difficulties/Hardship



To provide direction on the process for documenting, approving, processing, reporting, and monitoring applications for instructional or course fee waivers due to a student’s financial hardship or for compassionate or humanitarian reasons.


It is fully recognised that industrial safety courses are expensive, there are many reasons for this from course materials, student books, exam requirements, equipment, insurance, administration and irregular income streams.  However here at Resourceful Consultancy Services (RCS) we wish to open the door to individuals who may wish to enter into industry but are held back because the required tickets are too expensive. 




Resourceful Consultancy Services (RCS) provides industrial safety training services in accordance with applicable legislation and agency requirements. The vast majority of services are provided to leading companies, mostly large, local oil and gas companies. Certification is industry recognised and endorsed.


In certain circumstances as set out in this policy, RCS may provide financial relief to eligible students who have difficulty making payments for billable services, due to financial hardship, humanitarian or compassionate reasons.




Compliance with this policy is required by all applicants. Resourceful Consultancy Services (RCS) will retain responsibilities for the processing of fee waiver applications, documentation and recording any decision made. This policy does not limit any legal rights to which you may otherwise be entitled. Appeal is limited to a seven-day limitation period.



The Resourceful Consultancy Services (RCS) assessor will waive fees for students if they meet certain income guidelines. Income levels are not required to be supported by specific documents. If you qualify, you may apply for a RCS waiver for any or all of the following fees:


  • Instructional Fee

  • Equipment Rental

  • Student Book

  • Examination Fee

  • Refundable Security Deposit

  • Administration Fee

Default wavier will be for instructional expenses only, a full wavier will be extremely rare.


To apply, email with the following information:

  • Legal name and address

  • Course(s) required

  • Preferred contact details; phone number, e-mail etc.

  • Brief statement of need/hardship

All requests received will be given equal consideration and treated as confidential.