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Incident Investigation

When an incident or “near hit” happens at the workplace, an investigation by the employer and the OH&S Committee must take place. In Provincially regulated workplaces parties are required to perform a preliminary investigation within 48 hours of an incident occurring and then a comprehensive investigation within 30 days. It is the investigators responsibility to gather the facts, objectively assess those facts, and arrive at corrective recommendations to prevent future incidents.

Incident investigations are a fundamental function and responsibility of supervisors and Joint Health and Safety Committees but they often don’t have the proper insight on how to conduct an effective investigation. This course will provide participants with the opportunity to improve their investigative skills, determine ‘root causes’ and develop effective recommendations.

Program Length:  8 hours

Program Topics:

  •  Learn the new legal requirements for incident investigations.

  •  Examine the principles of incident causation.

  •  Learn how to conduct a proper investigation by gathering the facts.

  •  Learn how to analyze the results of your investigation and determine contributing factors and root causes.

  •  Learn how to prepare reports and develop effective corrective actions.

  •  Conduct an incident investigation in class and put theory into practice.

Maximum Class Size:  20

Course Materials:

  • Incident Investigation Participant Workbook

  • Course Completion Certificate

Program Cost:  $325